Good Shot: A Guide to Using Clay Target Skills in the Field

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  • What to look for in a field shotgun
  • How to improve technique and how to recognize and change bad habits
  • How to use skeet to improve your hunting plus clay target games

What makes someone a good shot? Author Steven Mulak has given this question a lot of thought, and his book analyzes problems faced by shooters everywhere. A good shot doesn’t miss the same shot twice because he figures out why he missed it and what he must do to correct his mistake. Shooting a shotgun well takes skill, and this book will help you improve your technique.

"If you are a bird hunter looking to improve your marksmanship, welcome to the skeet field!" Mulak explains how the sport of skeet can help you hunt those unpredictable birds. Illustrations and photographs clearly show the right way--and the wrong way--to shoot skeet and improve your score. Mulak’s information takes you from the skeet range to the hunt, with a new set of tools at your fingertips.

About the Author:
Peter H. Johnson was an ardent collector and shooter, with a particular interest in the Parker Shotgun. He lived in Virginia.

"‘That fella’s a good shot.’ I’ve made that statement about other shooters, and probably, so have you. It’s a term of respect based on one essential qualification--the person in question shoots a shotgun well enough to have that excellence recognized by his peers." --Steven Mulak