Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans - 22oz

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Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans - 22oz

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Beans, Bullets and Bandaids! Pretty much sums up what you need to stock up on. Granted "beans" in this sense is meant as food in general, but the common phrase references beans because they are the perfect food to stock up on.

For fiber and protean, beans are the healthiest way to incorporate these nutrients. They're better for the body and provide more vitamins and minerals than red meats. When you're having a barbecue or just looking for a side dish, don't forget the baked beans. They're the perfect food for preparedness and stressful situations.

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Don't forget your canned bacon! Bacon Goes great on top of these beans!

Ingredients: Water, Navy Beans, Brown Sugar, Bacon*, Salt and Baking Soda. *Adds a negligible amount of cholesterol

A cholesterol free food. Low in Fat. High in Fiber. Gluten Free. Good source of Potassium.

Suggested preparation instructions: Preheat oven to 360°. Open can and spread baked beans in a shallow baking dish. Place in preheated oven for 15 minutes, or until the beans begin to bubble.

Lulu Brown began making pans of baked beans to sell in grocery stores in 1937. They sold so well that her husband Earl and her son Robert E. Brown decided to sell them in Oswego. The business grew and relocated to the second story of the building at the south east corner of South Jefferson and Main Streets. Earl Brown died in 1938 and shortly after Richard G. Whitney joined the firm, forming Brown-Whitney-Brown (BWB). The business has since evolved into the world-famous Grandma Brown's Baked Beans.

"We've been meaning to start carrying Grandma Browns Home baked beans for a while and we are very excited to have finally pulled it off. The reason we're so excited is that these bakes beans are made right up the road. We all grew up on these baked beans. Growing up in a big Italian their was always a ton of home made food but at every family gathering at least one person would show up with or simply request that someone would show up with Grandma Browns baked beans. I have met Sandra Brown (Grandma Brown) more than once and have been to the plant as well. A very impressive lady and operation. She pulls off making tasty and nutritious baked beans that are a staple at every gathering and produces them on a large scale. I feel it is an honor to be be able to sell her baked beans and am proud to offer them to our customers. These are great on their own, but imagine showing up, opening up some cans of Grandma Browns baked beans and then some canned bacon to put in with it? Wow, everyone will be smiling!" Quote from Tom Sciacca President of JHL Supply /

Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans

- Central New York's favorite baked beans, Grandma Browns Home Baked Beans are just as hearty and delicious as they have been for years. Hailing from Mexico, NY, these are the baked beans you grew up with and have come to love. Enjoy them at bar-b-ques or holiday meals. Either way, they're sure to be a mouth-watering hit.

Central New York families have invented dozens of ways to prepare their favorite Grandma Brown's Baked Beans, including everything from baked bean casseroles to baked bean sandwiches! A local treat, its sure to find its place in your family traditions as well!
From Taste Of Cny

Grandma Browns Home Baked Beans history Lulu Brown’s baked beans were always a favorite at community suppers. One day in 1937 Mrs. Brown had an idea, she baked a pan of beans and took it to a local grocery store where it was sold by the pound as they do in the deli today. They were a hit and soon she sold the merchandise in her dress shop and devoted her time to making beans. Today Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans are well-known through-out Central New York….and Mexico is well known as the “Home of Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans”.

Her husband, Earl, had an old model-T truck and he and their son, Bob, delivered the pans of baked beans not only in Mexico, but in Oswego as well. Earl Brown died unexpectedly the first year, but Bob and his mother continued the business, joined by Dick Whitney.

The company became B.W.B. Foods, Inc. and the business grew. Dick was the salesman while Mrs. Brown and her son Bob supervised the increasing staff and production as the customers increased. The business moved from the small kitchen of Mrs. Brown’s home to the second floor over what is now the public library, finally to the new plant on Scenic Avenue in 1947. The team found a way to get baked beans into cans and the selling area increased to neighboring states.

My brother John was here for a couple days the end of August, and recalled the story of “the nickel bean sandwich” sold at the state fair. I know native Mexicans will enjoy that memory and it is fun to share the story with the “newcomers” to Mexico.

In 1950 the team of Grandma Brown, Bob, and Dick decided to try something different – they would sell bean sandwiches at the New York State Fair for 5 cents. The sandwiches were made at the Mexico plant by the staff and the truck filled. By mid afternoon a call was sent back to Mexico for “more sandwiches”. The staff made more, filled the trunks of their cars, and set out for the fair with a new supply, and relief for the tired staff at the fair booth.

So great was the demand that more women in Mexico had to be hired to make sandwiches for the remaining days of the fair. By the end of the week more than 100,000 bean sandwiches had been sold. The following year the concessionaires banded together to block a return of the “bean sandwich stand”. The price of their hot dogs and hamburgers was too high when compared to the bean sandwich and the other businesses had suffered.

The promotion had worked and Grandma Brown’s Baked Beans became known all over New York. Fair goers had tried baked beans from a can and the product passed the test.

In 1972 the MACS band, looking for a way to raise money to go the National band competition in Philadelphia, Pa., again went to the state fair to sell bean sandwiches for a nickel. BWB donated the beans, and delivered cases of cans to the grounds, where the parents and band members made and sold the sandwiches.

(The band won first place).

They sold for 5 cents just as they did in 1950 and the people lined up, just as they did before, for what was called the “best value at the fair.”

As Mrs. Brown advanced in years the business grew under the leadership of her son Bob, Dick Whitney, and all the employees she called her “family”.

When she died the businesses and stores closed during the funeral as a final tribute to this fine lady.

When Bob died his wife Loretta took over running the business with the help of the “bean family”. Her son-in law Mike Madden joined the team and Dave Whitney took his father’s place as salesman. In a few years Grandma Brown’s other granddaughter, Sandra, joined the firm.

The years bring changes, some of the “family” died, others resigned, and the Maddens moved, but Sandra Brown continues to run Brown’s Baked Beans.

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Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans - 22oz
Grandma Brown's Home Baked Beans - 22oz