Grower's Cup Easy Serve Holder

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With Grower's Cup Easy Serve Holder you can serve Grower's Cup Coffee easier. Just put a bag of coffee in the holder,brew and pour.

Coffeebrewer Nordic A/S is the company behind the Grower’s Cup brand. They are a small, but innovative Danish company that have decided to “battle” with the big boys and all their machines. Their small office, micro roastery and packing facility is established in an old restored farmbuilding, nestled in a hilly landscape, surrounded by forests and the sea. In other words, they do enjoy doing things in a different way.

"It all started an afternoon in 2002, I found out that I had run out of paperfilters for my dripmaker and being pretty annoyed with the situation – I thought, “why isn’t it possible to brew a decent cup of coffee without machines or special brewing equipment…?”

After too many years with research, development of a number of different brewing concepts, tests, thousands of prototypes, and the engineering of new production technology, we are now ready to launch – probably the most innovative and revolutionary coffee concept seen for decades." - Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen, Innovator and Managing Director