Tamarak Hiking / Walking Stick

TAMARAK Hiking / Walking Sticks, Be Prepared
"The Legend of the TAMARAK"
The Science of the Hiking Stick: What length do you want etc.
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These items ship directly from the manufacturer. Tamarak is in Canada and they ship via the postal service. This means that it may take 2-3 weeks for the product to arrive due to the Canadian and American postal systems and the heightened security at the US/Canadian border.

At Tamarak Wilderness Products Ltd. they not only believe in making hiking sticks, but also believe in making History. That is why their hiking sticks have been chosen over all as the Best Natural Wood Hiking Sticks in North America and are the Official Hiking Sticks of the American Discovery Trail, Trans Canada Trail and the Lewis and Clark Trail Bicentennial in 2003. These Landmark trails are significant because of their Historical Nature as well as providing weekend getaways, family fun and real adventure opportunities.

Each Tamarak Hiking Stick comes with a brass ferrule and durable rubber cover ideal for hard surfaces and as recommended by the National Parks Service and Parks Canada to prevent damage within the parks. The best of both worlds with interchangable rubber tip over brass ferrule.

* Rubber Tips alone can cause the stick to slip on some surfaces.

* Wood Tips alone afford no protection and cause your stick to wear down and shorten.

*Spiked Tips or ski pole type tips are not recommended by Park Officials because of damage to trails and trees

-Each comes with leather strap, info tag, rubber tip over brass ferrule, and optional compass. The optional compass is inserted in the top of the Tamarak Hiking Stick. You need never get lost again....unless you want to!

Hiking/Walking Stick
Tamarak Hiking / Walking Stick
Tamarak Hiking / Walking Stick