Go Bag Survival Kit

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There are many different types and manufacturers of "go bags", "bugout bags" and emergency kits. Some of them have inferior components or simply not as good as you would put together yourself. We have put together the following go bag kit from a list of our own personal kits here at CampingSurvival.com. The term go bag came from the idea that in an emergency such as an evacuation or home fire etc, you don't have the time to get your things together so you grab it and go.

This 26 Piece Go Bag contains:


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well 1 its kinda small for a survival kit but theres some good things about it 1 it has food 2 it has water
Review by survival guys review  (Posted on 10/15/2013)

Hooah Bars, haha!

I just found it funny that this kit includes "hooah bars", military performance bars. In the army, our "hooah bars" were nutrigrain bars, how\'s that for laughs, hahaha!
Review by Army Joe  (Posted on 2/25/2012)

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