The Hunters of Kentucky: A Narrative History of America's First Far West, 1750-1792 Book

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"Here is frontier history at its best, informed by current scholarship but true to the language and rhythms of the original pioneer narratives which are its main sources." --Paul A. Hutton, professor of history, University of New Mexico "Ted Franklin Belue has opened a fresh vista to the land, its conquerors, and to history." --the late Thomas D. Clark, former Historian Laureate of Kentucky "One of the most remarkable works on Kentucky history ever penned." --Allan W. Eckert, seven-time Pulitzer Prize nominee "Ted Franklin Belue's The Hunters of Kentucky is a terrific contribution to the history of that fascinating time and place. Belue writes superbly, is possessed of encyclopedic knowledge, and weaves it all into a grand story." --Win Blevins, author of Stone Song and Give Your Heart to the Hawks
  • Covers the American invasion and settling of the Kentucky frontier
  • Includes such frontier personalities as Daniel Boone, John Redd, Michael Cassidy, and Nicholas Cresswell The Hunters of Kentucky covers a wide range of frontier existence, from daily life and survival to wars, exploits, and even flora and fauna. the pioneers and their lives are profiled in biographical sketches, giving a rich sampling of the personalities involved in the United States' westward expansion. Author Ted Franklin Belue's colorful, vivid prose brings these long-forgotten frontiersmen to life.
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