Katadyn Hiker Microfilter: Hiker Microfilter Field Maintenance Kit

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The Katadyn Hiker Field Maintenance Kit allows you to clean and lube your Hiker Microfilter while you're out on the trail or back at home after your trip. The Maintenance Kit includes replacement O-rings, silicon lubricant, and cleanable filter protector to increase the life expectancy of your Hiker. A carry bag protects the microfilter and makes the kit easy to pack.

  • Cleanable filter protector extends cartridge life in challenging conditions
  • Deluxe carry bag upgrades older style bag and protects microfilter
  • Silicon lubricant keeps parts moving smoothly
  • Replacement o-rings for cartridge and pump handle

Bottom Line: For longer camping or backpacking trips and extended filter use, this kit is a must