Kaito KA208 Radio

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The Kaito KA-208 Credit Card Sized Portable AM FM Radio with Clock Alarm is a great ultra small radio to take with you anywhere. Perfect for jogging or taking to the game and listening to your favorite commentary. Built in speaker allows you to share your favorite stations.
  • AM: 526.50 KHz- 1606.50KHz
  • FM: 87 MHz- 108 MHz
  • Sensitivity:
    • FM<20 uV
    • AM<6mV/M
  • Selectivity > 20dB
  • Super clear sound with speaker and earphone
  • Shipping weight: 80 grams (W/O battery)
  • Power: 2X AAA 1.5V
  • Radio size:
    • (WXHXD) 91X 56X 21 mm
    • 3.5" X 2.2"X 0.82" inch
See how small it is! Battery Operation 1. Open the battery cover. 2. Insert 2 AAA size batteries into the battery compartment, making sure that the batteries are installed in the designated numerical order and the proper polarities are maintained. To prevent possible damages to this unit:
  • Load new batteries with their polarities aligned correctly
  • Do not apply heat to batteries, or internal short circuit may occur.
  • If this unit i not to be used for a long period of time, remove all batteries and store them in a cool and dry place.
  • Remove spent batteries immediately and dispose of them.
  • Do not use old and new batteries together. Also never use an alkaline battery with a maganese battery.
  • If the sound becomes low or distorted, replace all the batteries with new ones.
Radio Operationhe 1. Rotate the volume knob anti-clockwise to turn radio on and adjust to desired sound level. 2. Select the preferred wave range (FM/AM) by pressing the power on AM or FM knob. The selected wave range will appear on the display. 3. Rotate the tuning knob to tune in desired station. The display shows the frequency. 4. Adjust the antenna. 5. Press down power off knob to turn off the radio. Clock Function 1. Press the hour button as many times as necessary until the correct hour is reached, while the time set button is pressed. 2. Press the minute button as many times as necessary until the correct minute is reached, while the time set button is pressed. Wake the Radio 1. Turn radio off. 2 Press down the alarm set button, a "AL:SEET" will appear on the display to identify the alarm time. While press the HOUR button as many times as necessary until the correct hour is reached. Again note that the AM/PM is set to correct time. 3. Press the minute button as many times a necessary until the correct minute is reached, while the alarm set button is pressed. Wake to Radio 1. After setting alarm time, turn on radio, select your favorite station and proper sound level. Then turn the unit off. 2. Press the Alarm On/Off button, a clock symbol appears on the display The radio will turn itself on at the present time. 3. Press the Alarm On/Off button again, the alarm symbol disappears, and this function is canceled. Antennas FM: Pull out the telescopic antenna and adjust its length and angle for optimum reception. AM: The sensitive ferrite care antenna inside the set will provide excellent AM reception in most areas. For optimum reception turn the set, a the antenna is directional. Helpful Hints - If the set is not used for a long period of time, remove all the batteries to prevent potential damage due to possible battery leakage. - Do not subject the set to a temperature of over 140F because characteristics of the internal parts may be adversely affected by heat, especially never leave the set in the car exposed to direct sunlight for a long period of time with the doors and windows closed. The cabinet may become deformed and deterioration of the performance may result. - Since a strong magnet is used for the speaker, jeep magnetized commuter passes, tickets or personal credit cards, recorded tapes, watches, etc. away from the radio. The speaker magnet in the radio may damage them. - Do not place the set near strong magnets such as those used in radio, television sets, speaker boxes, etc. as these may case the frequency to drift. - Do not drop or give the set a strong impact since the set is composed of precise parts. - When listening in a train car or building, use the radio near a windows to obtain the best possible reception. Reception may be difficult in a tunnel or subway. Also note that operating the radio on a metal object may adversely affect reception. Great for the bug out bag and/or backpack. Don't forget the batteries! Need batteries for this item or for your everyday needs? Click here to see our wide variety of low-priced batteries!