Katadyn Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a water filter system?

Every outdoor enthusiast has asked themselves this question. Microorganisms generally come from human or animal waste and are spread by rain and run off. A pristine stream may be safe one day and contaminated the next. It all depends on what's happening upstream. Since you never know what's in the water, it make sense to always protect yourself with a quality water filter system.

What microorganisms are present in water?

CYSTS: Every water filter system should remove protozoan cysts since they are present in most unfiltered water sources. Their relatively large size makes them easy to filter but their protective shell strongly resist chemical treatment. Example: Giardia, Cryptosporidium

BACTERIA: Bacteria is a common threat in untreated water. Most quality water microfilters remove bacteria from outdoor water.

VIRUSES: Viruses are the least common microorganism in outdoor water, however thay can also be a serious health risk. Viruses are typically too small to be removed by a water microfilter.

What do the experts say about water filtration

  • "No matter how pristine the setting, backcountry users should never assume that a particular water source is free from viral, bacterial, or parasitic contamination. Puriifcation of water is a must." Says Gary Rosenlieb, National Park Service Water Quality Program Head

  • "During the past 2 decades, Crypto has become recognized as one of the most common causes of waterborne disease in humans in the United States. The parasite is found in every region of the United States and throughout the world." Says Center for Disease Control and Prevention, U.S. Government

  • "Wildlife can be chronic carriers of Giardia. which is why we tend to find it most of the time. Crypto is much more erratic. Some years levels are very high." Says Joan B Rose, PhD Homer Chair in Water Research, Michigan State University

  • "I dont trust any surface water any longer. Other people are the issue-and there are few places that haven't had people near them. No one can say what the risk is. It might be 1 in 100 or 1 in 250. But I don't want to take that chance." Says Bruce Macler, Drinking Water Toxicologist for EPA & National Expert on Microbiological Risk.

  • "EPA estimates as many as 250 out of every 10,000 people come down with Giardia infections from drinking water in the U.S. every year, including well and tap water." Says Backpacker Magazine

    What is Cryptosporidium?

    Crypto is a common cyst like Giardia. It was not identified until the 1980's. In 1996, the Safe Drinking Water Act was updated to require Crypto removal from municipal drinking water. It is estimated that Cryptosporidium is present in up to 90 percent of all surface water sources in America. While there is no cure, people with healthy immune systems may recover naturally. For people with weakend immune systems (like HIV) the disease can be fatal.

    Is a product that disinfects water as good as a water filter?

    Water disinfectants are a compromise because they require a wait time (30 minutes-4 hours), and do not remove dirt and particles from water. On the plus side, they are usually less expensive and lighter weight than water filters. Most people prefer a water filter because it makes fresh water immediately, removes sediment and makes a lot of water in a short time. For many an ideal solution is to use a water filter and a disinfectant like Micropur as a back-up system

    How does the Micropur Water Purification System work?

    Micropur Water Purification Tablets are safer than iodine tablets and have no unpleasant taste. They form Chlorine Dioxide gas when added to water. You'll see a "bubble action" when you drop them in the water. Micropur is the only EPA registered water disinfectant that removes all microorganisms to EPA standards. Micropur is the only disinfectant proven to kill Cryptosporidium in all water conditions.

    How do Micropur Water Purification Tablets compare to other water disinfectants?

    Micropur is the next generation of chemical water treatment. It's safer than iodine tablets. It has no unpleasent taste. It has a long shelf life. It's easier to use than other disinfectants since one tablet treats one liter of water- no mixing required. It's the only disinfectant system currently available that is proven effective against Cryptosporidium and viruses plus EPA registered as a purifier (without needing to use a water filter). It's best all-around choice for chemical water treatment.

    Which products will filter out bad taste in water?

    Products with carbon reduce chemicals in water while improving the taste of water. Katadyn offers a
    carbon cartridge accessory which can be used with water filters with output hoses (see photo under pocket filter). Micropur tablets also improve the taste of water.

    How do I store my Katadyn water filter?

    Like all equipment, the better you care for it the longer it lasts. Between trips, pump a liter of water with 2 teaspoons of household bleach through the pump. Pump until dry. Remove cartridge and allow to dry completely prior to reassembly and storage.

    Are the Katadyn Hiker PRO and Guide water filters field maintainable/field cleanable?

    Yes. Since 2005, Hiker PRO and Guide (water filters and cartridges) include a Filter Protector which can be easily removed and cleaned in the field. Using the Filter Protector will extend the life of the cartridge.

    Is a ceramic water filter better than a pleated glassfiber water filter?

    It depends on how the product will be used. Pleated water filters are easier to pump, have higher water output and do not require frequent cleaning. They produce approximately 200 gallons of water before the filter needs replacement. Katadyn's ceramic water filters have the advantage of extended life and extreme durability. They produce up to 13,000 gallons before filter replacement. They also have silver in the ceramic to control the bacteria growth within the filter. Katadyn's ceramic water filter products are extremely durable and are the favored choice for remote locations or extended trips.

    How is Katadyn's ceramic water filter different from other ceramic water filters?

    Katadyn ceramic water filters last many times longer. They are very dense and can be cleaned more often than softer ceramics. They are more consistent for higher safety. Additionally, each Katadyn ceramic water filter is impregnated with silver which reduces the risk of microorganisms growing in the filter.

    Is my Katadyn water filter repairable?

    Yes. Katadyn has a full service shop with trained technicians. Contact the Tech Service department at 800-755-6701

    How does the Hiker PRO water filter attach to hydration packs?

    Hiker PRO water filter comes with a Quick Fill Hydration Adaptor which can be spliced into the drink tube of Hydration Packs with 1/4 inch drink tubes (i.e Camelbacks, etc.). The Quick Connects included with the Hiker PRO water filter also fit bladders with quick connect fittings (i.e. Nalgene, Jansport, REI, EMS, Gregory, ets.).

    Do Katadyn replacement cartridges fit old PUR water filters?

    Yes. PUR Scout and Guide water filter owners should purchase the Katadyn Guide replacement cartridge. PUR Voyageur and Hiker water filter owners should use the Katadyn Hiker replacement cartridge.

    Does the new Hiker PRO cartridge fit earlier model Hiker filters?

    Yes. The
    Hiker PRO Water Filter cartridge also fits the new Katadyn Base Camp Water Filter.

    If I take water from a high mountain stream, do I need a water filter?

    Yes. The clarity of a mountain stream is no indication of it's safety. Microorganisms may still be present. You never know what has been there before you.

    Which water filter is best for international travel?

    We recommend virus protection for international travel, so you can take an
    Exstream Bottle or Micropur Tablets.

  • Katadyn Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions
    Katadyn Water Filter Frequently Asked Questions