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When taking kids into or near the woods or just going cabin or trailer camping, it's important to think about "what if my child gets just a little ways into the woods and can't see the camp site?". The answer can start with a kids survival kit. Imagine your child playing around the camp site and he or she sees something just inside the woods and goes to check it out. What if they see something again farther into the woods? If they look ahead and not behind them, they can easily become disoriented if they simply can't see the camp site right off the bat.

Kids survival kitAlthough having gear with you and your child at all times such as a kids survival kit, knowledge and training are even more important. The first thing to tell a child is that as soon as they even think they're lost, freeze. Some people say "hug a tree". They don't necessarily mean to lean up against a tree and put your arms around it, but it is a good way to convey how important it is to stay put. The more you walk the better the chance that you'll get farther away from your camp rather than closer and the better chance your kids survival kit will be needed. Also the search area that is covered may not be as far out as your have traveled. Also, if you're moving around you could actually unintentionally be running away from the searchers.

Another important thing to teach anyone to remember if they become lost is the rule of three's. "You can live three minutes without air, three hours without shelter and/or fire, three days without water and three weeks without food." Keeping this is mind, shelter and warmth are keys the keys to a good kids survival kit.

Here is a very basic, but good start to a kids survival kit. We have it in this bag, not only because it is such high quality durable material and has the ability to hold and organize a lot of extra gear, but mainly because it is very stylish and a child would be more likely to carry this around than most other kits.

As soon as you get this kit, you might want to put one of those large, durable trash bags in it. If you cut a whole in the top and poke your head through it, it makes an excellent and quick shelter that can keep you warm and dry.

This kids survival kit contains the following 5 items.

  • Venturer Travel Portfolio Bag
  • Emergency Reflective Solar Space Blanket
  • Emergency Rain Poncho
  • Compass
  • Whistle It is usually louder and more recognizable than a voice, but most importantly it is easier to blow a whistle than it is to yell. Also, you're voice won't last as long as the whistle. Plus, as they say many people that are thrown into survival situations are often embarrassed and it may be easier for someone especially a child to blow a whistle right off the bat than to start yelling. This is a very important part of a kids survival kit, or just to have attached to their shirt or jacket.

    You might also want to add a
  • signal mirror to the kit. They are surprisingly effective at getting someones attention, even if they're in a plane. You could also easily and inexpensively add another flashlight to your kids survival kit.

    One of these Small Water Filters sure would be nice to have.

    Two more things to consider when you get this kids survival kit are food and water. Although they are not the first priorities when you realize you're lost, they can provide quite a bit of comfort. We sell several products that are small and would be good in this kit such as Survival Tabs or Food bars (you would have to repackage a small amount of either) or you could just put your childs favorite candy in the kids survival kit (if you don't think it will disappear when you're not looking).

    You could attach a bottle of water to your kids survival kit in many ways such as this Bottle carrier, this Bottle carrier, or you could add these Water pouches to the kids survival kit.

    Depending on the age of the child you will of course be the one to determine if your Kids Survival Kit will contain fire starting materials or a Knife and even Water purification tabs. If your kids survival kit doesn't have a water bottle you could throw in some heavy duty ziplock bags to hold water and purify it in the bag.

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Any "survival" kit that includes more than the few basics is stealing your money. This kit provides the minimal with plenty of room for you to take the responsibility to fill with those things you want your child to have. You can thank this company for not putting a bunch of useless garbage in and charging you a premium price
Review by Nursamedic  (Posted on 10/14/2013)

not a lot of sutff

if you say a kit it could have more. what if your kid did get lost and thats all he/she had.
Review by derrick  (Posted on 10/6/2013)