Klik-It Pocketlight NightBuster Keychain LED Flashlight

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"Please don't squeeze the Klik-It!" To turn this pocket light on, 'push-through' the button with your thumb, but don't squeeze it. (It's sort of like the hold one might have when engaging a syringe. To turn it off, push the button back on the other side of the light. Simple. Sturdy. This is a unique, rather heavy-duty switch design which offers positive on/off action and little likelihood of accidental activation. This pocket light works great and will do so for years to come (2-year limited manufacturers warranty). It's water-tight to several feet and is one of the brightest pocket lights available. All units have translucent cases whose colors match their LED output. The white LED model (shown) comes in a 'Graphite' case. Klik-It measures approx. 1-1/2" X 1-1/8" X 3/8" and weighs in at just under 1/2 oz. It comes loaded with replaceable lithium cells. Comes in a handsome NightBuster sealed clear clamshell package.