Large Canine Cooler® Thermoregulating Bed

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With the new Canine Cooler® Brand Thermoregulating Pet Bed, your dog can have ultimate comfort in the form of the coolest and the softest spot in the house!! Dogs love its soft, cool, and dry sensation! This is the most comfortable, most innovative, and highest quality dog bed on the market. SoothSoft® Comfort Technology creates an unparalleled comfort due to the nature of its fluid-based design. It has an extended warranty seen on very few pet products. It is portable for use in the car, kennels, or crates and can be used indoors or out. Wherever the Canine Cooler® is placed, that's where the dog stays. He's out from under foot. There is nothing like the Canine Cooler® for a dog's good health and exceptional comfort year-round.

SoothSoft® Comfort Technology creates this ultimate cushioning and supportive effect as seen in the Canine Cooler® Brand Thermoregulating Pet Bed. This product is not a water bed nor a gel pad- it is dry, motionless, requires only 1 activation, and has a solid yet soft and supple nature.

Actively Cools Your Dog Fleas Can't Lay Their Eggs In This Bed Never Needs To Be Machine Washed Fluid-Enhanced Technology For Ultimate Support Stays Clean Odor-Free, and Perfectly Shaped Lasts for Years Without Maintenance High Quality Product-2 Year Warranty

Your dog's body weight is not very important in determining the size s/he needs. More important for a good fit is your dog's physical size. Use the diagram below to assist you in measuring your dog.

Other Nonregulating Beds Cause Discomfort By Trapping Heat Breeding Ground For Fleas Need Frequent Machine Washing Minimal Support By Flimsy Materials Get Lumpy, Tattered, Soiled and Smelly Needs Frequent Replacement. No Warranty

The Canine Cooler® is made of a super durable glove soft material that's odor resistant, can be simply wiped clean rather than machine washed, and is virtually puncture-proof to your dog's claws.