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1 - Basic Product Description

The OTG 15W Solar is an emergency power generator used to charge and operate electrical devices. It is self-contained, portable and uses heavy duty, high quality, 18 amp/hour batteries that re-charge via the built in solar panel or conventional AC outlet. Use it to charge a cell phone, operate a laptop or radio, provide lighting or power tools in an emergency power outage or when conventional power is not available such as a camping trip or an on site job.

Note: Batteries Ship Separately from unit

2 - Overview of Product Features

The built in solar panel can store up to 18 amp/hours of power. If the power is out for days its becomes critical to be able to operate and recharge electronics for the next-days use. With power outputs for 120VAC, 12VDC and USB it's easy to charge or use many common electrical devices. The built in 3 watt LED light is bright enough to light up a room or campsite. There is even a sleep timer to automatically turn the power on and off. Programmable mode allows many tasks to automatically happen at dusk, like turning on the LED light or any other plugged in device.

PhotobucketTo help conserve power should you be in an emergency situation, there is a LCD screen that shows exactly how much power is being used and the condition of the batteries. This screen will help when charging using the solar panel as it will display how much power is going into the batteries. The screen is also used when setting parameters in automatic modes so you can know exactly what is set.

Designed and Assembled in the USA, the OTG 15W Solar is constructed with the highest quality parts guaranteed to provide the reliability needed in an emergency or when the power to operate electronics is not readily available. This power source can be depended upon when it’s critical to survival.

The OTG 15W has a multitude of ways to connect, operate and charge most common and even specialty electronics. It is a survival tool than can be invaluable when safety and communications are critical. In non-emergency situations, use it to power a computer monitor or iPod speaker system, run a cash register or simply as a power supply. The master battery cut off switch ensures long lasting battery life and safe storage.

Because it's portable it can be used anywhere, and is especially useful when the power goes out in the home, office, job site location or remote site like a bunker or survival camp.

3 - Highlighted Features

High Quality USA Design & Assembly, dependability when you need it. Self Contained Portable Emergency Power Generator. Emergency charge and operate electronics such as cell phones, laptops, radios, lighting, camping gear and more. AC/DC/USB power outputs. 18 amp/hour batteries, solar or plug in rechargeable. Backlit digital LCD display panel to check the battery status and charging rate. Programmable features include automatic dusk turn on and sleep. Master battery cut off switch ensures long lasting battery life and safe storage. Low battery warning, alarm (on AC) shutdown function and over-load protection.

Photobucket4 - Specifications

  • Solar Panel Type: 15W Mono Crystalline Silicon
  • AC Input: 100-240VAC 50-60Hz fused at 2A 5x20
  • AC Output: 120VAC 60Hz 150W Modified Sine Wave
  • DC Output: 12VDC 8A Unregulated PTC Fused
  • USB Output: 5V 500mA Regulated Current Limited
  • Standby Power: 20mA Nominal, 4mA Protect Mode
  • Battery Capacity: 2x12VDC 9AHr SLA
  • Battery Dimensions: F2 Terminals 151Lx65Dx94H mm
  • AC Low Battery Shutdown: ~10.5V
  • Low Battery Shutdown: 11.5V to 10V Depending on Load
  • AC Charging Current: ~2 Amp
  • Solar Charging Current: ~750mA Full Sunlight
  • LED Light: 3W High Brightness
  • Dimensions: 490W x 90D x 320H mm
  • Weight: ~21.5Lbs
  • Indicators: On/Standby LED, 2x8 Character LCD Panel
  • Fuses Internal: 16A 5x20 Spare Included on Board
  • Storage Temperature: -15 to 40°C

Features and Specifications current as of 11/19/2012 and subject to change.