LightStorm SL1 NO Battery Crank Lantern and Flashlight

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LightStorm SL1 NO Battery Crank Lantern and Flashlight

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Item Description
A flashlight, a lantern, and more! The LightStorm SL1 dynamo LED light is truly unique. With the fold out handle it can be held and used as a flashlight. With the fold out hook it can be hung and used as a lantern. And with it's magnetic feet, the LightStorm SL1 dynamo LED light can be attached to car hoods and tool boxes serving as a work light or emergency beacon. The SL1 dynamo LED light features two different flood light settings. It also features red StarCore LEDs that flash once per second, enabling LightStorm SL1 to be used as a warning indicator at accident scenes and as a signaling device in emergency situations. LightStorm SL1 also has a built-in power jack and comes with a charging cable and Mini USB connector for charging music players, Blackberries, and Motorola V3 / V6 cell phones (other cell phone connectors can be bought separately). And like all LightStorm dynamo LED flashlights, SL1 uses a Carbon Ultra-Capacitor to store energy, which means that it will never need batteries and can be counted on to work over the long haul even when subjected to harsh environments.

Perfect For:

  • Camping, Recreation Vehicles, Bicycling
  • Work, Home, and Vehicle Tool Kits
  • Emergency Preparedness & Emergency Signaling

Special Features:

  • 3 light settings: Bright & Super Bright Flood Light, and Flashing Red Light (once / second)
  • Multi-position handle allows the SL1 light to be held as a flashlight, hung like a lantern, or conveniently oriented on work surfaces
  • Magnetic feet securely attach SL1 to metal surfaces
  • Built-in power jack for charging cell phones and music players
  • Durable ABS housing is water resistant and chemical resistant to motor oil and diesel fuel
  • Luminescent center band allows the light to be easily found and operated in dark environments
  • Reflective LED panel enables SL1 to be used as a signaling mirror during the day

Performance Specs:

  • Quasar 1/2 watt (105,000 mcad) LED will Flood Illuminate a 12-ft (4m) diameter area at a distance of 25-ft (8m)
  • 3 White Light StarCore® (15,000 mcad) LEDs will Flood Illuminate an 18-ft (6m) diameter area at a distance of 15-ft (5m)
  • 3 Red StarCore® (15,000 mcad) will catch the attention of anyone a mile away
  • Quasar Light duration on a full charge: 15 minutes
  • White StarCore light duration on a full charge: 17 minutes
  • Flashing Red light duration on a full charge: 15 minutes
  • 2 minutes of cranking (@ 2 cranks/second) fully charges capacitor power cell
  • Capacitor can be recharged over 100,000 times
  • Storage temperature: - 40F (- 40C) to 140F (60C)
  • Operational temperature: -50º F (-45º C) to +140º F (70º C)
  • Luminescent band will glow for 8+ hours after only a few minutes exposure to room or sun

Physical Specs:

  • Diameter: 4” (10cm)
  • Thickness: 1.5” (4cm)
  • Weight: 8.6 oz (209 gr)
  • Color: Black Housing with Yellow Luminescent Center Band

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LightStorm SL1 NO Battery Crank Lantern and Flashlight
LightStorm SL1 NO Battery Crank Lantern and Flashlight