Luftwaffe Fighter-Bombers over Britain Book

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Luftwaffe Fighter-Bombers over Britain
The German Air Force?s Tip and Run Campaign, 1942?43
  • Chronicles the air war above Britain from March 1942 to June 1943 and includes in-the-cockpit accounts from German and British pilots
  • Assesses offensive and defensive tactics
  • Incorporates hundreds of rarely seen photos As the Battle of Britain came to a close, the Luftwaffe began arming its single-engine fighters with bombs and using them instead of bombers for many daylight raids against shipping and coastal installations, railways, fuel depots, and other military and civilian objectives. The fighter-bombers also launched unopposed attacks against London and numerous other cities and towns across England. Known as ?tip and run? attacks, these raids had a detrimental effect on British morale. About the Author: Chris Goss has written widely on the Luftwaffe. His other books include Luftwaffe Hit and Run Raiders (978-1-903223-99-4), Sea Eagles (978-1-903223-55-0), and Brothers in Arms (978-0-947554-37-8). He lives in England. Pages: 352 pages
    Trim Size: 6 x 9
    ISBN: 978-0-8117-0691-9
    Photos: 276 b/w photos
    Maps: 7 maps
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