The M1911 Complete Owner's Guide

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The M1911 Complete Owner's Guide

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This book is the latest volume in the Scott A. Duff Publications’ Guide series. Like the other Guides, its purpose is to give the new M1911 owner a in-depth understanding of his or her pistol, while providing the experienced owner knowledge that they don’t yet have, and with the intent of giving even the expert new insights into the M1911.

The Guide provides extensive detail on the history, selection, operation, disassembly, assembly, maintenance, troubleshooting, magazines, upgrades, shooting and more for the M1911. You will gain an understanding of the principles involved in selecting holsters and ammunition. You will also find an overview of the basics involved in shooting the M1911. As bonuses, the Guide includes a comprehensive Colt Model Number list and a compilation of trainers and shooting academies that we feel are worth your time and money. In short, you’ll know your M1911 inside and out.

As bonuses, the Guide includes a comprehensive Colt Model Number list and a compilation of trainers and shooting academies that we feel are worth your time and money.

As a youth, the author marveled at the mind that could conceive such a wondrous mechanism; how could John Browning have created it without X-ray vision? It comes apart without tools, it goes together without tools, it is the lightning you hold in your fist. It has endured for a century, and if Robert Heinlein’s vision is true, it will endure for centuries more. Slim, powerful, elegant of line, capable of great beauty and brutish minimalism in turn, a tabla rasa for an owner’s imagination, the jumping-off point for a horde of manufacturers. In all of history, two handguns stand out as innovative, enduring, and widely emulated, and both happen to be Colts: the Model 1873 “Peacemaker,” and the M1911 pistol. No handguns as practical have captured the imagination as have these two American classics.

Capable of great accuracy, the power and simplicity of the M1911 make it a most useful defensive tool. The M1911 Complete Owner’s Guide is designed to help the reader make the most of that tool.

The M1911 Complete Owner’s Guide gives you a look into the history and development of the M1911, as well as giving you everything you need to know to use and maintain your M1911.

6" x 9", 304 pages, softcover, over 400 photos

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The M1911 Complete Owner's Guide
The M1911 Complete Owner's Guide