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Mainstay™ Emergency Water Packets. Case of 360 Packets

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Mainstay™ Water Packets

All water is not created equal! Here at Survivor Industries we have spent years perfecting our Mainstay™ Water Packets. The final result is a portable product with a five-year shelf life.

Other Key Benefits:

U.S. Coast Guard Approved

No Oxygen Transfer (In other words, no chance of bacterial contamination)

Pre-Measured Packets make the water easy to dispense, and potential for loss is minimized. If a packet is destroyed, only 4.224 ounces (125 ml) would be lost.

Easy to Transport - just 18 lbs. (8.17 kg) per case of 60 packets, but you receive 360 packets total!

No special storage required - it can withstand temperatures from -40°F to +210°F (-40°C to 99°C).

Very Low Cost.

No Cups Needed!


Customer Reviews —  3item(s)

Packaged water

Great product....For those of you wondering, the shelf life states only 5 years...I\'ve used these packets 8 years out...they\'re fine...I usually run it through one of my water filters or drop a tablet into it first....You can store it almost forever if you only use it for cooking...boiling it first is always a good thing....Great product!!!!
Review by Matt   (Posted on 7/27/2012)

Mainstay Water Rations

Very good water, back when i was in the hurricane Katrina in la i wish we had these so now i stock up on them any chance i get and this site is the cheapest and best ive found.
Review by Cody  (Posted on 10/16/2010)

Mainstay Water Rations

This water is excellent and I highly recommend it. Other types have of water options very short shelf life and are not as resilient. I have rotated a case in my disaster/continuity kits for many years and teach/demo these in classes. A really nice feature I experienced is that it does not freeze and leak when stored in one\'s automobile during cold weather.
Review by AC  (Posted on 3/19/2010)