Microhydro: Clean Power from Water Book

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Hydroelectricity is the world's largest - and cleanest - source of renewable energy. But despite lively interest in renewable energy in general, there is an information vacuum about the smallest version of this technology that has been dubbed the simplest, most reliable and least expensive way to generate power off grid. Highly illustrated and practical, Microhydro is the first complete book on the topic in many years. Covering bot AC and DC systems, it first introduces the important principles on which microhydro is based, including the advantages and disadvantages of using small amounts of water to generate power It then outlines in depth:
  • how to assess your particular electrical needs
  • how to assess your specific site
  • how to choose the appropriate system for your needs
  • how to install a microhydro system
  • the common regulations and incentives for installing microhydro power
  • seven important case studies that demonstrate microhydro possibilities.
By Scott Davis