Mountain Meadows DVD

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With little more than stone knives and the dog, Thomas J. Elpel and cousin Melvin Beattie venture into the Rocky Mountains to survive with whatever they can find and improvise from their surroundings. Among the wildflowers, wildlife and scenic meadows of southwestern Montana, they demonstrate all the skills needed to meet their basic needs, including:

  • Shelter: A debris shelter with hot rocks.
  • Fire: The mullein on sage handdrill set.
  • Water: Purifying water with Aerobic Oxygen.
  • Edible Plants: Sweet cicely, wild sunflower, dwarf huckleberry, musk thistle stems and "artichokes", brook saxifrage, rose petals.
  • Meat: Ground squirrels--killing, skinning, butchering. Cooking: Cooking on an upright rock slab.
  • Tools: Glass-knapped knives & the jo stick.