Monsters of West Virginia: Mysterious Creatures in the Mountain State Book

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"If bloodthirsty werewolves, glowing-eyed devil dogs, bat-winged beasts, and strange and creepy critters are your thing, then Monsters of West Virginia is the book for you! From Mothman to Bigfoot, and from the infamous Braxton County Monster to the stuff of terrifying nightmares, Rosemary Ellen Guiley delivers the diabolical goods!" --Nick Redfern, Author of The Real Men in Black
  • Mothman
  • The Grafton Monster
  • The Wampus Cat
  • White Things
  • Other bizarre creatures, including Bigfoot, lizard people, and out-of-place panthers
  • By author: Rosemary Ellen Guiley Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.25" Pages: 144