Native American Medicine Video DVD

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Two hour DVD that is menu driven and interactive. Program covers Native American Medicine and Pioneer uses of wild plants and herbs as food and medicine. Discover the following:

Here is Jim Meuninck's epic programs exploring and testing the primal uses of plants used by Native Americans and pioneers. Ancient remedies are tested: Jim rolls up his sleeves and lets the mosquitoes engorge. He rubs himself with poison ivy. He makes dog food from old cattails. Discover how to make insect repellents, bear repellents, snake repellents. Follow simple steps to turn a common weed into a potent insecticide. See Jim covered with leeches, swimming with his trusty health advisor Rusty the golden retriever looking for spider repellents; snake bite treatments and washing his head free of lice with a secret "treatment " for baldness. Discover how to make herbal wound treatments, antiseptics and antibiotics from plants. What works? What doesn't? Jim demonstrates all!

IN ADDITION: See three Native Americans demonstrate their healing rituals. Learn smudging, sweeping, primal dancing, sweat lodge and Native American massage. Discover how to use "female" and "warrior" plants to dispel negative energy so the good spirits can enter and heal us. Also, more about bioflavonoids, healing flowers, health secrets of Rusty the dog, and how to make a backyard sweat lodge.


  • Discover How Native Americans use wild plants, dance and massage to...
  • Warm and cool the body.
  • Increase energy.
  • Treat poison, ivy, sunburn, colds, flu and other afflictions and diseases.
  • Learn how to make salves, tinctures, infusions and oils.
  • See how "first people" expel worms, treat diarrhea and stomach disorders.
  • Infant formulas used for thousands of years.
  • Make Native American formulas: infusions, decoctions, salves...
  • Discover what herbs work and what ones do not--see the proof with your own eyes.
  • Discover the secrets of Sweat Lodge and how to make your own.


"Western medicine does not have all the answers. See ancient healing wisdom at work in the hands of modern women, based on their North American Indian heritage. These traditions have something important to tell us." 
-Candace Corson M.D.

****Four stars. ABC/CLIO

"Meuninck's latest video-his best yet-explores "what works" from Native American traditions in diet and disease prevention. Meuninck helps viewers enjoy and use the world around them for simple solutions to problems experience by everyone. The entertaining, informative and humorous program adds a new dimension to the vast nformation resources in health. You'll love this video! 
-Botanical and Herb Reviews

"Jim Meuninck brings his wealth of knowledge to the screen as he explains the biochemistry of the plants' active ingredients, his personal experiments and innovations, and the concept that appropriate preventative measures or "Little Medicine", can forestall the need for serious, "Big Medicine"." 
-William Forgey M.D. Author: Wilderness Medicine

"Little Medicine is my favorite video. We tested ancient remedies. Myths are exploded and useful remedies are verified. This is a practical wisdom, loaded with ideas you can use today in the garden, home, kitchen and medicine chest." 
-Jim Meuninck