The Nature-Friendly Garden Book

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The Nature-Friendly Garden
Creating a Backyard Haven for Animals, Plants, and People
  • How to maintain environmental balance and attract wildlife
  • Applies to all backyard gardens, large and small with specific information on creating ponds and other water features
  • Accessible gardening tips for seniors and people with disabilities Many people approach gardening as a constant struggle with the outside world. They're perpetually at war with nature, investing in weed killers and fighting off deer and birds, all in an effort to preserve their garden as a pristine patch of earth. Marlene A. Condon proposes a radically different method: What if, instead of battling the natural world, we invite it into our backyards? The result is the nature-friendly garden, which attracts and meets the needs of common creatures--rabbits, toads, insects, squirrels, owls, and so on--while maintaining a thriving, varied landscape of flowers and plants. And as this thought-provoking guide demonstrates, coexisting with nature doesn't mean turning your yard into a bramble-infested wilderness. The sustainable, low-impact garden described in these pages is a model of environmental balance, fostering species diversity while keeping wildlife damage and invasive plant growth at an acceptable minimum. Best of all, it offers a privileged look at the workings of nature, and its advice on observing wildlife is sure to open up a new and fascinating world for even the most experienced gardener. About the Author:
    Marlene A. Condon is a writer and photographer whose work has appeared in numerous publications. She is a field editor for Birds and Blooms magazine and gives regular presentations at Shenandoah National Park. She lives in Crozet, Virginia, where her yard has been showcased on Virginia public television. 160 pages, 85 color photos.
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