Nightstar RS Shake Flashlight. Clear

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Nightstar RS Shake Flashlight. Clear

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Item Description
  • No Batteries, No Bulbs, No Maintenance...Ever!
  • Light...Anytime, Anywhere
  • Simply shake to recharge
  • 8+ minutes light with only 1 minute of shaking
  • StarCore™ LED Technology- Unsurpassed Brilliance!
  • Ultra Lightweight: weighs only 5 ounces
  • Super Compact: Measures only 6.8" (17.3cm) long
  • Backed by a 5yr. warranty

  • Uniformly illuminates a 12 ft (3.6) diameter area at 50 ft (15m)
  • Patented Mag-Lev charging system
  • Fusion-Nd™ rare-earth magnets
  • Advanced Gold-Film capacitor
  • Waterproof to a depth of 40-ft
  • Luminescent, rotary, magnetic switch: enables light to be easily found and operated, and is non-clogging
  • Floats with the StarCore™ LED in an upright position
  • Economical – Pays for itself almost immediately by never having to buy batteries and bulbs

    Why NightStar RS?

    Performance In total darkness, NightStar RS Shake Flashlight illuminates a 12-foot (3.5 meters) diameter area at a distance of 50 feet (12.7 meters).

    Quality Craftsmanship Like its predecessor, NightStar RS Shake Flashlight is superbly crafted and integrates cutting edge, patented technology in its ergonomic design.

    Durable Waterproof and rugged construction. Solid state electronics. Shock proof, high brightness StarCore™ LED.

    Compact Easily fits into any car storage compartment, tackle box or emergency kit and slides into any tool belt or vest pocket.

    Versatile Ideal for tool and emergency kits in cars, trucks and RVs.

    Unique New non-clogging rotary switch will work even when covered with mud. The switch will also glow for hours allowing for easy location and operation.

    Economically Practical Quickly pays for itself by not having to replace batteries or bulbs.

    Don't risk being caught alone in the dark with no light to guide you. The NightStar Shake flashlight is your light in the darkness. Traditional flashlights need batteries to power them, and those batteries must be fresh. Even then, they have a limited life span. If they are dropped, the bulbs can break. If they go underwater, they're useless. Candles require dry wicks and dry matches, and won't stay lit in high winds.

    NightStar Magnetic Force Shake Flashlight is the original, no battery, LED, emergency flashlight - don't bet your life on a "knock-off".

    "Last winter's ice storms in eastern Canada, our coastal wind storms plus earthquake fears suggest that it is wise to plan for trouble. Prepare for an emergency as though for a week in the bush...The NightStar Shake flashlight needs no bulbs or batteries. It weighs half a kilogram, has a lifetime warranty, and can be left without use for an indefinite period. It works below freezing temperatures and can survive an inordinate amount of banging." Kerry Moore, Vancouver Province

    Key Emergency Features: • No Batteries, No Maintenance • Waterproof & Floats • Simply Shake to Recharge • Luminescent Switch • Bright StarCore™LED • Light…Anytime, Anywhere

    NightStar was the world's first renewable energy flashlight. It was first invented in 1997 and went into production in 1998. NightStar was issued its first patent in 1999. In 2001 it was issued its second patent for the magnetic recoil charging system. Using magnetic repulsion to rebound the charging magnet is far more efficient and quieter than springs. The spring rebounding system was used in the first NightStar flashlight because of cost considerations. The Forever Flashlight, EM Energy Flashlight, Eternity Flashlight, Everlight Flashlight, Hummer Flashlight, and Lifetime Flashlight are all functional replicas of the first NightStar and as such still use springs and rubber bumpers. The Freedom flashlight uses 2 coin-size Nickel metal hydride batteries rather than a capacitor. Using batteries has the disadvantage of a significantly shorter operational lifetime and reduced performance at high and low temperatures. With the batteries however, the Freedom Flashlight will initially run the LED for two hours but will require approximately 18,000 shakes to recharge (nearly 1 hour and 40 minutes of shaking). The EDI-T flashlight is a near identical copy of the current NightStar except that it uses inferior components. As a consequence, the EDI-T flashlight produces far less light, is not as durable, and requires twice the shaking time to recharge the capacitor.

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    Nightstar RS Shake Flashlight. Clear
    Nightstar RS Shake Flashlight. Clear