No Hatch to Match Book

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No Hatch to Match
Aggressive Strategies for Fly-Fishing between Hatches The bulk of fly-fishing literature is centered on matching the hatch, when in reality, on most waters, most of the time, there is no hatch to match. This eye-opening book provides a wide range of strategies for fishing resourcefully between the hatches. These include subtle techniques of presentation, such as micro-nymphing for inactive trout; aggressive strategies such as long-line nymphing with precision for active trout; using prospecting dry flies and streamers effectively; and a wealth of practical advice on reading the water. It includes chapters on seasonal movements of trout, temperature-induced feeding binges, beating the heat, dealing with dirty water, and targeting big, carnivorous trout. It will expand your repertoire and make you a more successful fly fisher. Review:
"Rich Osthoff is eminently qualified to address the subject in detail. This is a very well-conceived book and of great value to the contemporary fly fisher." -Dick Talleur, author of Mastering the Art of Fly Tying and Guide to Fly Tying 144 pages