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Nymphing Book

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  • Identify nymphs, tie imitations, and fish them successfully
  • Casting, finding lies, detecting the strike, fishing depth, tackle, proper presentation
  • Insights into the retrieve, nymphing the film, and finding fish in still waterBasic nymph fishing approach and presentation teams with trout physiology--what the trout sees and hears. A pictorial key to identifying nymphs is based on reliable, nonscientific characteristics that the beginner can use on stream. Presenting the fly correctly and detecting the strike are particularly elusive skills, and even the veteran fly fisher will find something useful.About the Author:
    Gary Borger has been a fly-fishing teacher and lecturer since 1972. His other books are Naturals, The Borger Color System, Designing Trout Flies, and Presentation.192 pages
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