Oregon Fruit Products Pitted Dark Sweet Cherries in Heavy Syrup - 15oz Can

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Oregon Fruit Products Pitted Dark Sweet Cherries in Heavy Syrup - 15oz Can

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Item Description
  • Tree-ripened pitted sweet black cherries in syrup; all-natural
  • Use for pies, cakes, cobbler, ice-cream topping, fruit salad, sauces, chutney
  • Grown in Willamette Valley of Northwestern Oregon
  • Canned by a three-generation family-owned-and-operated company in Salem, OR

Ingredients: Cherries, Water and Sugar

Recipe Included! Every Can includes a recipe to make Chocolate Cherry Creme Cake. The additional ingredients you will need are: 1 Devil's Food Chocolate Cake mix, Cream Cheese, sweetened condensed milk, lemon juice, vanilla, 2 cans Oregon Dark Sweet Cherries, sugar and cornstarch.

Oregon Fruit Products Company is a third generation, family owned and operated company. We take pride in the high quality and consistent products we provide to the marketplace, along with service and integrity not commonly found in today’s businesses.

The beginnings of the business started back in the 1920s when the company founder, Max Gehlar, offered his dried fruits to the market place. During the depression year of 1935 the “Oregon” brand was established and the company shifted its focus from dried fruits to canned specialty fruits.

Oregon Fruit Products is located in Salem, Oregon which is nestled in the fertile Willamette Valley of Northwestern Oregon. This area is blessed with relatively mild winters and springs during which we receive most of our 45 inches of annual rainfall. These winters and springs, followed by warm sunny summer days, give our fruit the flavor, size and natural sweetness unparalleled in the world.

Our growers are located as close as a 10 minute drive from our Salem plant. This area is one of the best geographical areas in the world for our preferred hand harvested fruits and berries. The vast area we draw from also greatly decreases the risk of major crop loss due to weather or plant disease.

Oregon Fruits is proud to be in the one position nationally in canned specialty fruits, in addition to our recognized quality aseptic and frozen products produced by their industrial department.

Canning is a high-heat process that renders the food commercially sterile. Food safety is not an issue in products kept on the shelf or in the pantry for long periods of time. In fact, canned food has an almost indefinite shelf life at moderate temperatures (75° F and below). Canned food as old as 100 years has been found in sunken ships and it is still microbiologically safe! We don't recommend keeping canned food for 100 years, but if the can is intact, not dented or bulging, it is edible.

NOTE: Minor denting that will not affect shelf life may occur with some cans during transit no matter how well we pack them. Please let us know if any of your canned foods have dents that will affect the shelf life and you won’t be refrigerating soon as we may need to make a UPS claim. - See more at: http://www.campingsurvival.com/yodersbeef.html#sthash.V20lv6jY.dpuf

Note: Before shipping our canned items they are fully inspected to be sure they are free from dents. We Do Not Intentionally Ship Dented Cans. Due to the rough handling during shipping it is nearly impossible for canned food items to arrive at your location without minor denting. Minor denting cannot be avoided and does not affect the self-life of your canned products. We cannot and will not replace any canned items that only have minor denting from shipping. You may be asked to provide photos of the damaged cans to verify the damage. - See more at: http://www.campingsurvival.com/yodersbeef.html#sthash.V20lv6jY.dpuf

SHIPPING TIMES: Most, but not all orders leave our warehouse within 3 business days, some orders may take longer. Allow time from the day we ship for FedEx, UPS or the USPS to deliver it to you from Upstate NY. Please call for rush orders before 2:00 Eastern time. That means that some items, to some locations could take two weeks or more. Remember, we're a 50 year old family run business, so feel free to call us for a rush. We can get most of our items out the same day and use next day air and get it to you tomorrow, but you need to call before 2:00 Eastern time.

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Oregon Fruit Products Pitted Dark Sweet Cherries in Heavy Syrup - 15oz Can
Oregon Fruit Products Pitted Dark Sweet Cherries in Heavy Syrup - 15oz Can