Paracord Bracelet Yellow/Orange by Survival Braid - Small

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Our yellow/orange Survival Braid Survival Bracelet is a customer favorite, particularly among the younger male crowd. Why wear rubber bands or dated concert/festival admission bracelets when you can wear a Survival Braid? Surviving never looked so awesome. Whether you are considering a Survival Braid Survival Bracelet for an extra layer of security "just-in-case" or you just think they look cool, we have the Survival Braid to suit your needs! Each small bracelet (6.5" - 7.5") contains 7-9 feet of paracord and each regular sized bracelet (7.5 - 8.5?) contain between 10-12 feet of paracord! Survival Braid uses only top quality 550 paracord manufactured by a certified military contractor. Our paracord is tested to withstand 550 lbs of force! Survival Braid is ideal for camping, boating, hunting, hiking or in any survival situation where great strength and durability is required. They look really cool! Proudly made in the U.S.A.! 550 paracord gear. Designed and made in the USA, 550 paracord gear looks cool and is designed to unwind for use in an emergency situation. Bracelets, belts, keychains, DIY bracelet kits, dog collars and dozens of other items are available including bulk 550 paracord. Survival Braid gear is also available in custom colors and even personalized, perfect for fundraisers, events or your local schools. Wear, unwind, survive! What is paracord and why make things out of it? Paracord is super strong, durable, moisture resistant, and versatile. It is made of essentially 8 pieces. It has an outer sheath and 7 braided inner strands. That's why it's so strong. our paracord is nylong so it won't mildew or rot. It is so versatile in that lets say you have a bracelet that's made out of 7 feet of paracord. You then have 7 feet of the outder sheath as well as 7 feet each of the 7 inner strands. If you pull it all apart (and that is so easy to do) you have 56 feet of material to work with. That is amazing! there's nothing like paracord. You can use it for clothing repairs, shoelace repairs, shelter building, fire starting, a saw, catching food, medical emergencies, automoble fix, rapelling, crafts, weapons and so much more. This is a great time to take advantage of this special sale on our own line of SurvivalBraid paracord gear! These low prices are especially exceptional because this paracord gear is 100% U.S. Made!

What is SurvivalBraid? We have been selling paracord for years and have been selling paracord products for a little less time. We decided a while back that we wanted more control over the quality, consistancy, availability and prices of these products. After some research we decided to come out with our own brand of paracord products and SurvivalBraid was born. They'r emade right here in the U.S.A. right down the road in from our warehouse here in NY. We're very proud of our new brand and are sure you'll find these fine products to be the best out there. Thank you for your business,
Tom Sciacca
JHL Supply/