The Packi-Sac

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Sweeney Recreational Gear's ?Packi-Sac? is an innovative product designed to provide peace of mind and ease of use while traveling with hiking packs. The Packi-Sac protects one?s valuables from the tortures of airline travel as well as from the sly hands of thieves in crowded public locations. The differentiating feature of the Packi-Sac is it?s unique side zippers, which allows the user to access and use the shoulder and hip supports straps of their pack while it is still securely enclosed within the Packi-Sac. This means, the user may wear their pack as it was designed while maintaining the rugged protection of the Packi-Sac. Other products require the pack to be fully enclosed within the protective sheath and thus laboriously carried with an uncomfortable single shoulder strap. SRG?s Packi-Sac is both easier to use and offers more security while traveling than any similarly offered product. Use Packi-Sac For:
  • Studying Abroad
  • Flying with a Hiking Pack
  • Traveling on a Train
  • Protecting Pack During Storage
  • Preventing Theft During Travel