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Paracord: A must for every "go bag" survival kit!

550 Paracord is a useful and important tool to always keep handy with you in your emergency survival kit. Used by the military, these items are a strong and lightweight parachute cord. Made of a braided it's rated to be able to hold up to 550 pounds. Paracord is quick drying, is resistant to rotting, and has amazing durability.

There are many uses for this survival tool, whether you are around the house or in the unknown and dangerous wilderness. Paracord can come in handy for simple uses such as shoelaces, sewing, or as a clothesline but is also useful for much more important survival needs like tourniquets for first aid, fishing lines, making a fire bow and building a shelter. Each circumstance is different so a paracord could become very important to have in almost any survival situation. The fact that the seven inner strands of paracord can also be separated and utilized for another variety of uses only adds its handiness and the importance of always keeping it with you.

550 Paracord comes in different lengths ranging from 50 to 1000 feet and is also usually available in a variety of colors. The usual rule of thumb for packing paracord in your survival kit is the more you have the better. Try not to weigh down your pack with a great deal of paracord though, keeping at least 50 worth with you at all times. Always remember to replace used paracord before heading out on your next adventure.

Camping Reports Paracord has Become a Best Seller

(PRWEB) August 2, 2010 - Camping has announced that paracord has become one of its top five best selling items, joining colloidal silver, MRE, water purification tabs, and survival food tabs as the most requested items from the wilderness supply retailer. Outdoor enthusiasts say strength and versatility make paracord an essential item to take in the field. Read Paracord Story

Paracord and Accessories
Paracord and Accessories