PEN Dosimeters read accumulated dose (gamma and x-ray exposure) monitor radiation exposure

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PEN Dosimeters read accumulated dose (gamma and x-ray exposure) monitor radiation exposure

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PEN Dosimeters 200mR, 500mR, 2R, 5R, 20R, 2mSv, and 5mSv

The advanced PEN direct reading dosimeters are rugged, precision instruments. They are higher quality and and have greater reliability than other dosimeters of this type. They measure and directly read, at any time, accumulated dose (quantity of gamma and x-ray exposure). Designed to satisfy military specifications for the RADIAC METER IM-264/PD and ANSI N 13.5 and N322 requirements. A sturdy metal clip attaches the dosimeter to a pocket or any object to monitor total radiation exposure. They are hermetically sealed and immersion proof


Exposure Range (gamma and x-rays):

PEN200mR Scale increments of 10mR
PEN500mR Scale increments of 20mR
PEN2R increments of 100 mR
PEN5R increments of 200mR
PEN20R increments of 1R
PEN2mSv increments of .1mSv
PEN5mSv increments of .2mSv
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Accuracy: ±10% of true dose for Cs-137 or Co-60 gamma.

Energy Dependence: ±10% maximum change in sensitivity for x and gamma ray energies from 20 keV to 6 MeV.

Rate Response: Dosimeters are dose rate independent.

Electrical Leakage: In the absence of radiation, the dosimeters leakage or self discharge is less than 0.5% of full scale in 24 hours at 50° C. At 20° C dosimeters will read background radiation. After gross over exposure totaling up to 2000 R the leakage is less than 5% of full scale in 48 hours at 20° C. Thereafter, the leakage will decrease to original values.

Charging Voltage: Dosimeters are capable of being charged to "zero" with 140 to 195 volts.

Operational Characteristics:

  1. A maximum change in sensitivity of ±10% may occur under any probable combination of the following: A) Temperature range below -20°C (-4°F) or above +50°C (122°F) B) Greater than 50,000 foot altitude for one month C) Relative humidity greater than 95%
  2. Highly resistant to shock and vibration.

Weight: Approx. 19 grams (0.7 oz.)


PEN- 200, 500 2mSv, 5mSv

PEN- 2, 5, 20

Length: 11 cm (4.48 inches) Diameter: 1.5 cm (0.6 inches)

PEN- 2, 5, 20 Length: 11.5 cm (4.52 inches) Diameter: 1.5 cm (0.6 inches)

Material: Barrel - carbon fiber-filled, high-strength, electrically-conducting plastic with metal clip.

Includes: 2 year limited warranty.

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PEN Dosimeters read accumulated dose (gamma and x-ray exposure) monitor radiation exposure
PEN Dosimeters read accumulated dose (gamma and x-ray exposure) monitor radiation exposure