PowerFilm AK-2 Adventure Outdoor Activity Charging Kit

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  • RA-1 - 12V Cigarette Lighter Adapter Never get stranded again. The RA-1 adapter can be used to recharge your vehicle's battery from a PowerFilm solar charger, directly through the 12V power port.
  • RA-6 - Daisy Chain Accessory Maximize your charging power. The RA-6 allows you to connect several PowerFilm® chargers in parallel for increased current output (amps). By connecting multiple panels, you can achieve a combined output of up to 20 amps.
  • RA-8 - 15' Extension Cord with Alligator Clips Protect yourself from being stuck with a dead battery, thanks to the RA-8 extension cord, which can conveniently connectto a car or boat battery. Includes professional marine-grade components ready to attach to your PowerFilm Solar Panel.