Pocket Guide To Golf

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The Pocket Guide To Golf is a great way to ensure that you don?t lose sight of your critical keys to your swing. It?s all there in this comprehensive guide. Grip Fundamentals, Ball Placement, Body Alignment , the Address Position, Tempo and Contact, the Backswing and the Downswing, the?Feel?, how to deal with various Lies, Pitch Shots and the Lob Pitch (and the corresponding ?feel?!), Chipping, Sand Shots, Reading Greens, Putting, Hitting from the Rough, from Hardpan, Hooking and Drawing the Ball, and, of course, how to analyze Problems such as hitting the ball ?fat?, or topping and shanking the ball. And, at the very end of this amazing guide is an area where you can write in your Personal Stroke Reminders. This truly is a tool that will help you maximize your game. Copyright/Pub. Date 1995