Pocket Guide to Nymph Fishing with Gary LaFontaine

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The Pocket Guide To Nymph Fishing presents the four types of mayflies (Clingers, Burrowers, Crawlers, and Swimmers, addressing for each, their primary characteristics, their habitat, key genus, imitations, and Critical Angling Considerations. The same is presented for stoneflies and caddisfly larva. How nymphs make themselves “available” as food sources, where the trout lie, nymphing signs, key strategies and techniques/presentations are presented. Included in techniques are Right-Angle Nymphing with an Indicator, the Skues Method, the Brooks Method, the Leisenring Lift (Induced Take), the Slinky Method and the Tuck Cast Presentation among others. Key patterns are also presented.

Copyright/Pub. Date 1994