Pocket Guide To Travel

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The Pocket Guide To Travel was prepared with the assistance of Ihab Zaki, the owner of a travel agency and an international tour guide. It contains all of the key reminders and invaluable insights for preparing for a trip and dealing with issues that may arise during a trip. A Trip Preparation Time Line is presented along with what you need to accomplish at each point in time. Booking a Trip is addressed, including dealing with Airlines, Hotels, Car Rental, Tours/Transfers, Insurance and necessary Documents. There is a Packing Check List, a Toiletries/Personal Items Check List, a Document Check List, a Day of Departure Check List and an Emergency Card Check List. Other topics addressed include Safety Tips, Traveling With Children, Cruises, Tour Groups, Day of Departure, Arriving at your Destination, Returning Home, Health and Welfare, Women Traveling Alone, and Insurance/Currency among other topics. The use of this guide is a great way to prevent travel problems or to be able to deal with them successfully should they arise. Copyright/ Pub. Date 1998