Pocket Guide To Walleye Fishing In Lakes

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The Pocket Guide To Walleye Fishing In Lakes addresses all key aspects of this popular pursuit. The fundamental behavior of Walleyes is analyzed including such topics as vision, color perception, hearing, and the impact of water temperature and weather conditions. Thermal Stratification is discussed, and each of the key Walleye waters are addressed including Reservoirs, Eutrophic Lakes, Mesotrophic Lakes, and Oligotrophic Lakes. The preferred structure of Walleyes is well illustrated and discussed. Equipment, Baits, Rigs, Hooks are discussed, as are Jigs, Jig Attachments, and Jigging Techniques. Plugs and plug techniques and Spoons and spoon techniques are also presented. A very insightful chart is included that correlates Period of the Year (prespawn, spawn, postsummer, etc.) with water temperature, location, depth structure, food source and feeding activity. A truly comprehensive, well illustrated guide. Copyright/Pub. Date1995