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New and Improved!

We're very excited about our new Power Outage Kit. The president of our company, Tom Sciacca, came up with the idea recently during a power outage at home. Tom said "Everytime we lose power, I take advantage of the situation to see how we could be more comfortable and this inevitably leads to ideas for work. Since I am into preparedness, I have the flashlights, radios and all the other gear I'll need and now I have it in one location. I figured why not offer my own power outage kit at work?"

PhotobucketAs with all our kits, this power outage kit is a great start and is made with lots of thought and quality components. We've actually seen other power outage kits that have very little thought and junky components that seem to be thrown together just to make a sale. In this kit, the backpack is not included, but you can buy it if you want to. All our orders ship in a box. So we figured that might be a way for someone who wants a good power outage kit but wants to save some money can do it. Many people have a plastic box or extra backpack sitting around the house. Why buy another one? However, if you don't have something to keep it in, use our box or add the backpack below to your order.

Here are the contents of our power outage kit.

What is the first thing you do when the power goes out? Grab a flashlight and look for a radio to see what's going on. How many times have you either not been able to find a flashlight, or when you do, the batteries are dead? Also, when the lights go out, one flashlight is never enough. These are some of the issues we address in our power outage kit. In our power outage kit, we have two flashlights with batteries, a wind up flashlight/radio that doesn't need batteries and 10 lightsticks. The lightsticks are a very important part of this emergency kit. Lightsticks are so handy in a power outage, mostly for the bathrooms. How many times during a power outage have you walked into the bathroom and flicked the light forgetting there's no power? If you hang one or two of them in the bathroom it'll always be lit with enough light to do what you need to do. Especially in the daytime. You may not have the flashlights going yet, but if your bathroom has no light, it's pitch black in the bathroom when the power goes out. Lightsticks are also great for kids nightlights. If your kids are used to a nightlight or simply like having a light on in the hall, the lightsticks solve that problem too without keeping a flashlight on all night and using up the batteries. This way everyone gets a good nights sleep. That can be very important to handle the next day better in the event that there's a lot of work due the cause of the power outage such as an ice storm and all the tree cleanup.

Other emergency kits won't include the fire extinguisher for a couple reasons. The first one is that they want to keep the price down so they sacrifice important items. There are many reason why a fire extinguisher is important ( you should have several in your home ) but the reason it's so important in your power outage kit is because your going to be doing things you don't normally do like burning more candles and cooking without your stove. With little light, there's a greater chance of knocking things over.

Of course a radio is important and not only for news, but with no TV a radio can be very nice to have around. Without power your stereo won't work and even if you have a portable radio, you may not have batteries that work. That's why these windup/crank radios are so great to have. You just wind it up for a few minutes and you have light and radio.

The multitool is a great asset for your power outage kit as well. You can always choose to upgade it if you like. However, for what it is, the price is great. Having all these things in one spot in your kit can be invaluable. Here's what the multitool includes. Combination, regular and needle nose pliers; vise grip teeth; wire cutter; 3 size screwdriver blades; Phillips screwdriver; Can opener; Punch/awl; bottle opener; file; 2 knife blades with carrying case. The can opener alone can be great in a power outage and finding one when you need it might be difficult.

The folding stove and camp heat are in the power outage kit obviously for cooking. If you have a gas stove and the power goes out, you should still be able to cook. However, if you have an electric stove, you're out of luck unless you have our power outage kit. Because of the possible dangers of these cookers, it's best to use outside. However with your fire extinguisher right by, you could set it up in the sink and cook there for extra safety. If you do have a gas stove, this item can come in very handy also. As our companies president found out recently. "My mother was in chile cook-off recently and used this same combination of pocket cooker and camp heat to keep the chili hot for the cook-off. It worked great." That's the thing about our power outage kit, all the components are real and are usable items that are made to last and they work well. Of course the matches that come in the kit are very important as well.

The last item in our kit is the alarm clock. If the power goes out, you may still need to go to work in the morning. It's a very simple thing, but these are what we've learned and hope it all works out well for you to.

As with all of our emergency kits, our power outage kit is made to last. We don't just throw in a box of matches. You'll have 450 high quality, long lasting safety matches. You'll have enough camp heat to last for hours of cooking. You'll have quite a few long lasting light sources. The radio never needs a battery.

One of the best things about any kit is expansion and options. As we say with all our kits, the first thing you should do when you get any of our emergency kits is to open it up, spread it out on the floor and check it all out. You'll inevitably have other items around the house that you might want to put in the emergency kit. Such as batteries. You can never have too many batteries. While this kit doesn't rely on batteries, they can be very valuable in an emergency situation.