Water One Pure Sip Water Purification Device

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Go Anywhere Personal Water Purifier. Provides Safe Drinking Water Instantly, Wherever and Whenever It Is Needed!

The Pure Sip™, Personal Water Purifier is designed to be a light weight, simple, convenient, highly reliable and reusable purification device that provides safe, "good tasting" drinking water from questionable sources for emergency conditions, disasters, military use, and remote recreational situations. Used like a drinking straw, Pure Sip™ is a complete micro-system that kills bacteria and viruses instantly on contact as well as removing cysts such as Giardia.

ViroBac™, Water One's proprietary media, disinfects on contact and instantly kills 99.99% of bacteria and 99.7% of viruses. The proprietary compound is ionically bonded to a carrier media and works on demand, only if microorganisms are present allowing for extended use for up to three years. Tested extensively for over twenty years by independent laboratories such as Loyola University Medical School using EPA protocol Pure Sip™ has been proven to kill bacteria and viruses under continuous and repeat conditions. As a result, Pure Sip™ has been used by the United States Military since 1998.

  • ViroBac™, a proven and laboratory tested water purification media
  • Light weight, convenient, easy to use and ultra portable
  • Produces pure, safe, good tasting water
  • Effective: Uses ViroBac™ a proven and laboratory tested water purification media
  • Bacteria and Viruses are killed instantly on contact
  • Exceeds US EPA and WHO water purity standards
  • Can be used under continuous or repeat conditions for up to 3 years
  • Built in safety factor: will clog before disinfection properties are exhausted
  • Unique design purifies contaminated, non-brackish water from most sources