PyroPac Instant Heat Gel

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PyroPac Instant Heat Gel was only available to the military until NOW. Great for camping, hunting, back packing, fishing, boating. Warm up a can of soup, stew, spaghetti, beans, etc. or boil water with a packet of food in...remove the food packet and use the water for your coffee.

This is a GREEN product with an indefinite shelf life.

Included are one 1.25oz packs.

The Product

Because the gel burns with a steady clear blue flame with low luminosity, the flame is all but invisible to the naked eye and therefore safer to use in a combat situation as compared to other heating alternatives.

Environmentally Safe

Because of its high ignition point and low vapor pressure, there are no restrictions on how the PyroPac Fuel Gel Product can be shipped. It is not classified as hazardous before, during, or after it is used. It's even safe to transport by airplane. The gel is water soluble and non-toxic with little to no generation of odor, vapor, or smoke emissions while burning. The residue remaining after use is a small amount of sandy powder that can be blended into the soil base leaving no trace behind.

This energy source, the PyroPac was developed to provide a product to heat your beverage and entree' at the same time in less than eight minutes. If needed, it is even possible to continue boiling to achieve purified water while out in the field. YES, if it continued to boil will purify your water.

This product was designed to use only what you need with no waste, using "green sense." It was designed and developed to provide an efficient heat source for the Back Packer Soldier, and had to be safe, odorless, smokeless, non restrictive, economical, non toxic and yet friendly with our environment. PyroPac does just that and more. It has an indefinite shelf life and when used as instructed is considered a "GREEN PRODUCT."

Milpack Fuel Gel (PyroPac) Military version has been approved and contracted by the Department of Logistics Agency (DLA) as the replacement for Trioxane Fuel bars used for years by the US Army. A safer and greater heat source for combustion per unit mass was needed to replace the old "Heat Tabs". In addition to improve efficiency it has reduced the weight burden of the soldier and provided a non restrictive transportable product...YES, this can go on an airplane!

The patented Gelled Energy Source Product is supplied by the Inventor through the World Wide Marketing Right of Creative Marketing, Inc.

To Use Pyro Pac:

1. Tear pouch at notch or open cap.

2. Squeeze out proper amount on surface selected for combustion. Minimum amount under normal conditions and 14 oz and of water is approx. 1 packet of gel. More gel may be required depending on conditions (actual temp).

3. Light gel and place stove/stand over burning gel. Insure stand opening is down wind.

4. Place canteen cup on stove/stand with canteen cup handle opposite opening and in the direction of the wind. Fill cup with water 1/3 cup (12oz.), 1/2 cup (16oz), 3/4 cup (20 oz.). Use 12 oz with entree.

5. Allow 5 minutes for water to reach 140F (light steam) depending on conditions. Rolling boil can be activated in less than 10 minutes with sufficient gel.

6. Upon completion distribute residue over area for security. Insure gel has completely burned or is extinguished.

Extra Hints:

  • It is very important that the burn is shielded from wind to optimize heat transfer.
  • The amount of gel required is directly related to weather, altitude and amount of material to be heated.
  • Insure no trace of residue (sand) is visible upon completion. Leave no trace for security reasons. (military). Do not liter.

    Instructions for Stove/Stand

  • Insure care is taken of light weight stove/stand.
  • Stove/stand stores in canteen cup between cup and canteen

    Pyro pac is non-toxic and not palatable. Could be hazardous to your health if large amounts are consumed. Do not eat.

    This product will not freeze or melt and is water soluble. It does not produce smoke or odor during proper combustion. Should smoke or odor be detected, increase height of stand to improve air / fuel mixture.

    Pyro pac is a mixture of unrestricted materials (USDOT) and can be placed on an aircraft or sent through the mail without restrictions.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How quickly will it heat my coffee and hot chocolate?

    In approximately 3 1/2 minutes with a 1 ounce package using an 8 ounce cup of water.

    2. How strong is your packaging?

    Packages are designed and built to military specifications. With innovative heavy, foil laminated polyethylene pouches, and poly-nylon squeeze packages. the packaging costs more, but offers you what is needed - protection until used.

    3. Is it toxic and what is the impact on the environment?

    It is totally non-toxic, prior to burn, during burn and after burn. It can be eaten but is not palatable. The taste is not great. As for Mother Nature, the residue is pure sand and the only other two by-products are water and carbon dioxide. Easy clean up.

    4. Does it smoke or smell up the area?

    PyroPac burns with a smokeless, blue flame and produces no odor.

    5. How about shelf life?

    Indefinite. Use only what you need.

    6 Can you transport it on aircraft, ship or send it through the mail?

    Yes, with it's high ignition point and low vapor pressure, it has a fire hazard rating of 1, and is readily shipped with safety. There are no DOT restrictions and can move through all mail services.

    7. Can your packages be opened and then reused at a later date?

    Yes, especially the squeeze pouches. The pouches have been designed for one time use only, although they can be reused.

    8. How is PyroPac different?

    We have a product that burns very hot, clean and can be concentrated for efficiency. The packaging is for your connivence, yet kept specific for the application. If only 1 oz. of fuel is needed for specific function then that is all you will carry and expend - no waste!

    9. Why use piches and squeeze packs?

    With use of military specifications in materials, pouches are ideal for a container that will fit anywhere - pockets, in backpacks and best of all proportioned for exact use. Squeeze packs provide excellent dispensing for varies applications, use as little as necessary, from a cup of coffee to a pot of water. These containers are very durable, flexible and go anywhere with durability.

    10. Has the Government tested this?

    Yes, and all requirements were met.

    11. Is the canteen cup stand important?

    Yes, the proper heat standoff and shielding from the wind is an important as the heat source.

Please Note: This item can not be shipped to Canada.


Customer Reviews —  1item(s)

pyropac is awesome

This is a great product, at a truly awesome price. Long burn time, high output of heat. Minimal soot on pot and stove afterward, makes cleanup easy. Only downside I can think of is space. The packs take up more room than comparable solid fuels.
Review by Jonnie  (Posted on 10/26/2012)