Quick Fill Hydration Adaptor Accessory

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The Katadyn Quick Fill Hydration Pack Adaptor is a water filter accessory that guarantees every drop of water you pump makes it into your hydration pack. You can attach any water filter with an output hose to any hydration pack bladder by the external drink hose or the quick release fitting on the bladder. There's no need for you to open your pack and drench all it's contents with the Quick Fill Adaptor.
  • Fits any water filter with an output hose
  • Allows fast filling of hydration bladders without opening pack
  • Fits hydration packs with 1/4 inch drink tube and bladders with quick release hoses
Making Water Drinking Water Katadyn is used and trusted by thousands throughout the world and is the #1 selling brand of portable water systems in the U.S.
  • Katadyn water systems are used extensively by the U.S. military. For example, Katadyn hand-held desalinators are standard equipment in Navy liferafts. Fighter airdraft have Katadyn units in thier ejection seats.
  • International Militaies, including Germany, Italy, Spain, France, Canada and Switzerland use Katadyn water systems on land, sea or air.
  • The Red Cross and many other relief agencies use Katadyn products in challenging conditions including the Tsunami relief effort.
  • Travelers and adventurers rely on Katadyn to provide safe drinking water around the globe.