Quality Whitetails Book

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Quality Whitetails
The Why and How of Quality Deer Management
  • Book includes informative essays by professional deer biologists
  • Comprehensive descriptions of viable management programs
  • Precise methods of evaluating the effectiveness of quality deer management
In Quality Whitetails, Drs. Karl V. Miller and R. Larry Marchinton have assembled the expertise of some of the most knowledgeable white-tailed deer biologists across North America. These authorities provide in-depth explanations of deer population biology and genetics and discuss various effective management methods, including harvest strategies, habitat maintenance, regional issues, and feeding and mineral supplementation for antler production. Designed to help both sportsmen and biologists preserve their natural resources, this guide offers direction for maintaining robust deer populations that are in balance with their environment. About the Author:
Karl V. Miller is a research scientist and instructor in wildlife biology at the University of Georgia. R. Larry Marchinton is a professor emeritus at the University of Georgia who has studied white-tailed deer for more than 40 years.