Restop 2 Portable Travel Toilet

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Restop 2

The Restop 2 uses a patented "bag within a bag" design to safely contain and neutralize human waste. Restop contains the odor as well as the waste. The outer bag is a Mylar gas-impervious bag. The same polymers and deodorizers used in the RS1 are inside, with a slightly different set of enzymes for solid waste. The Restop 2 system contains the odor as well as the waste, providing a user-friendly and pleasant means to pack out solid waste. Ample toilet paper and a moist antiseptic towlette are included. How is it used? The Restop 2 is designed to be used with any commode system or can be used directly on the ground in wilderness situations. To use with a commode system, simply insert the Restop 2 into the commode bucket and fold the upper bag over the foam toilet seat (bucket and seat sold separately). When done, the upper bag folds into the lower triple layer barrier bag which then zip locks closed for complete containment. Now the waste is safe for disposal in any trash container. When enjoying the great outdoors relieving oneself behind a tree or bush seems like the obvious choice. However, this is a bad idea for many reasons:
  • In popular outdoor areas, this can quickly lead to unsanitary conditions. A variety of diseases are spread through contact with untreated human waste.
  • relieving oneself in this manner is environmentally unfriendly. Leave our forests the way you found them. human waste is not part of the natural enviornment.
  • Many state and national parks as well as outdoor recreation areas require visitors to abide by the "pack int in/pack it out" rule. Meaning that anything you bring into the area must be removed when you leave, including human waste.
How do Restop products work? Restop 2 provides for the safe disposable of solid human waste. It can be used with the Commode or directly on the ground in wilderness situations. The Restop 2 pack is a 3-ply gas-impervious plastic laminate pouch that seals in odors as well as waste. The bag has a one-way valve design. Inside it are polymers and enzymes to deodorize and break down solid as well as liquid waste. Ample toilet paper and antiseptic wipe are included. After using the Restop 2, cinch interior bag shut, roll it back into the primary bag and secure it with the zip lock closure. The Restop 2 is easy to use directly on the ground in wilderness situations. FAQs Are the chemicals safe? What if the powders get on my skin? If you refer to the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) on the Restop 2 you will read that "...this substance and its ingredients are not considered hazardous as defined by OSHA or the EPA." The worst that will happen is your skin will feel dry. Do the polymers and enzymes kill germs? No, instead they change the composition of the waste so that it becomes safe for disposal as regular trash. The purpose of the polymer component of the formulation is to immediately contain and encapsulate the waste. The enzyme component in the powder formulation is to ensure and accelerate the complete biological breakdown of the urine and stool to its most basic parts, thus allowing for safe disposal. What if somebody else touches my used bag? (What if it punctures?) Unless the bag has been soiled on the outside due to "aim" problems there is no risk in handling the bag. When properly used and sealed it can't leak. Inside, the gel is self-sealing and the enzymes break down the waste into simple salts and water, neutralizing them. If the bag is punctured (as when your kitchen garbage bag breaks), common sense says that you should avoid direct contact with the waste. However, it can be swept up and put into another container. Where is it okay to throw Restop away? (Is it really okay to throw them away in a trash container?) Restop bags can be disposed of with normal trash, not in recycle bins, The bags are landfill-friendly and have been approved by your state's water resources board for landfill disposal -- just like a baby diaper. Will the polymer/enzyme crystals work in extreme heat or cold? The powder blend works best in the range of 40 - 120 degrees Fahrenheit. Since bodily waste is normally 98.6 degrees, encapsulation occurs immediately in spite of outside temperature, as does biological degradation. The biological degradation does begin to slow down when outside temperatures reach either very hot or very cold extremes. Note, however, that the growth of pathogens and other microorganisms also slows at extreme temperatures, so the slower degradation rate is not a problem. What is the shelf life of an unused or Restop 2 bag? Virtually unlimited. The U.S. Marine Corps rated the shelf life of the product at 10 years plus! Does Restop work for females? (How do females use Restop?) Actually, Restop was co-designed by a woman. You simply need to find privacy (like the Restop Privacy Tent), open the top of the bag to create a rounder shape, and hold it very close against your body.