Red Wine on the Carpet Book

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Red Wine on the Carpet
Secret Tips from Country Life?s Housekeeper
  • Full of practical household advice
  • Answers those questions you have always wanted to ask One of the most popular features of the UK?s Country Life magazine is the Mrs. Danvers column. Readers write to ask her about problems on everything from what to do with leftover beef to repairing glass. With its practical and often unusual questions and answers, the column provides readers with entertaining and always useful information. Now, all of this information has been gathered into a book that will prove an essential reference work for all homeowners. Topics discussed include: How to you prevent salt from becoming damp? How do you get rid of spiders from an attic? How do you reenamel a bath? What is the best gin cocktail? And of course, just how do you remove red wine from a carpet? About the Author: Mrs. Danvers works for a family that owns a large estate in East Anglia, UK. She is responsible for a group of holiday cottages, a wedding venue, opening the house to the public, and general maintenance of the silver, antique furniture, and fabrics. 164 pages.
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