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Running Your Own Shoot is essential for anyone who is contemplating setting up a private shoot. The creation of a shoot adds to the pleasure of shooting and brings it within reach for those without a fortune to spend on the sport. All aspects of shoot management are examined, including calculation of the realistic costs, finding suitable ground, organizing a shooting syndicate, and planning a shooting day. Other vital issues discussed are rearing and releasing game, vermin control, and habitat management. The book makes you fully aware of the day-to-day hard work involved, but also highlights the satisfaction that can be gained from running your own shoot. In this second edition, David Hudson has fully revised the text to take into account new regulations and practices. Running Your Own Shoot is an indispensable guide for anyone already running a shoot or for anyone contemplating doing so. About the Author:
David Hudson divides his time between writing and photography, running a pheasant shoot, and training working gundogs. He is the author of The Roughshooter's Handbook, The Shooting Man's Dog, The Working Labrador, The Small Shoot, Working Pointers and Setters, Pheasant Shooting, and Gamekeeping.