SEC 200 Emergency Stove

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SEC 200 Emergency Stove

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Item Description
This Stove is unlike any other Stove you have seen on the market. It has a variety of options and uses. This Stove can be used in the event of an emergency for warmth or cooking.

Compact Lightweight Design
  • 100% recyclable aluminum construction.( Aluminum welds)
  • Aluminum is a great conductor of heat which allows this design to heat the entire Stove and its contents, which retains the heat and becomes more efficient, I look at it like the tortoise and the hare story. We all know who wins in the end.
  • Dimensions are 4.5 x 4.5 x 4.5
  • Weight is less than a pound (14 ounces)
Wax As A Fuel Source
  • Wax is a great source of fuel (abundant and green) easy to store, and has unlimited shelf life, here again I look to the tortoise and hare story.
  • Non toxic. And there is no pressurized (small bomb) that is fussy on performance, and hard to store.
  • We use recycled wax in an effort to create a market for a waste product, better for our environment. ( GREEN )
  • There is 16 ounces of recycled wax with your unit. Which will provide 50 to 120 hours of use depending on the number of wick you use. (additional wax kits are available) this is equal to or surpasses anything that may be comparable on the market today
Multiple Uses
  • Use as a light or lantern, a chain is provided, that attaches to the center of the cross bars for hanging. Provides sufficient light for you to perform you duties.
  • Aluminum foil is provided to use as a wind break, light deflector, and for soot control. Tear off one 4x 4 piece for wick control. This cures the problem of soot which has been a factor in the use of Stove.
  • Cooking. The 10 ounce cup with lid on will boil water in 10-12 minutes burning 3 wicks. (Please never burn more than 3 wicks at a time and when doing so you must be present at all times, this unit gets very hot, maintaining a wick height of inch above wax is important. Adding wax beads for wick control is also very important.
  • Cooking. The 22 ounce container with aluminum foil lid will boil water in 15-18 minutes, all of the above applies. These cooking abilities surpass or are equal to any like product on the market today.
  • Use as a heater. Use of solids such as dirt, sand, gravel, water both the 10 ounce cup and the 22 ounce container, aid in its use as a heater. Burn 2 to 3 wicks for 30-45 minutes getting solids up to temperature, and then dowse all but one wick and let her coast. (Wick control is very important). Creates an efficient safe heater for heating small areas such as in a vehicle.
The model SEC200 is designed to heat liquids extremely fast. When using the gel fuel, will heat liquids in 3 minutes. Designed to give you instant heat. Very useful when you are in an emergency situation.

  • Model SEC200 Stove stand. (100% aluminum)
  • Gel fuel
  • 20oz. wax
  • 8 pre assembled Stove wicks. (All cotton)
  • 16" lantern chain with hooks
  • Waterproof matches.( Strike anywhere)
  • Fireproof carrying bag. (Zippered side pockets)
  • Bag may be used as heat pad
  • Aluminum foil (for wind break)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Will this Stove keep me warm in my RV or tractor trailer in the event of an emergency?

Answer: Yes, it will keep you warm.

Question: Can I use this Stove for a food warmer at my restaurant or home?

Answer: Yes you can. It makes a great center piece on the table and works for Fondue dinners.

Question: Can I use my own cooking pan instead of the cooking container that comes with the unit?

Answer: Yes, you can use cooking pans up to 9".

Question: What is the chain that is included used for?

Answer: The chain is for hanging from a tree, in a tent or on your visor. (Please maintain safe distance from combustibles)

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SEC 200 Emergency Stove
SEC 200 Emergency Stove