The Self-Coached Climber Book

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  • In full color with 52 practical training exercises designed to advance technique
  • Detailed anatomical illustrations explain climbing physiology
  • Includes an 85-minute DVD that shows concepts in action
A dynamic package of training material from a pair of expert coaches, this book, The Self-Coached Climber offers comprehensive instruction, from the basics of gripping holds to specific guidelines for developing a customized improvement plan. Hague and Hunter base their methods on the four fundamental components of all human movement--balance, force, time, and space--and explain how to apply these principles to achieve efficient results. The DVD presents live demonstrations of training exercises and features an original documentary of a 5.14a/b redpoint attempt by Adam Stack and Chris Lindner. About the Author:
Dan Hague founded Sportrock Climbing Centers in the Washington, D.C., area. He has been climbing for over thirty years and teaching climbing for twelve. Douglas Hunter has been climbing for twenty-five years and coaching climbers for fifteen. He is a professional filmmaker in southern California. Review:
"A quantum leap forward . . . The Self-Coached Climber takes the standard model of climbing and demolishes it on the first page. . . . You'd be wise to bet that within a handful of years, it will be the preferred text for most technique and training programs in the U. S." --Jay Young,