SeaPack Crew Desalinator

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The SeaPack Crew is a Revolutionary Concept in Ocean Survival. Powered by forward osmosis and HTI's revolutionary membrane technology, the SeaPack Crew provides emergency hydration fluids from saltwater sources. Because the SeaPack Crew utilizes a passive osmotic process, it is by far the easiest desalination technology available, even lending itself to one hand operation in case of injury. The SeaPack Crew comes in a package with three single use pouches that include a tether to secure the product to a life raft. The pouches are portable, compact and will produce a clean drink in as little as 8 hours.

How it Works Osmosis is a natural process that involves the passage of water through a membrane due to osmotic pressure generated by high concentration of dissolved solids on one side. The SeaPack Crew uses sugar to create this osmotic pressure, and water is drawn through the membrane filter to dilute the sugar while the salt molecules are blocked by the HTI's membrane.The SeaPack Crew Rejects up to 97% of the salt in seawater. In independent laboratory tests, the SeaPack Crew filters meet or surpass reductions for bacteria, viruses and cysts as specified by the EPA for water purifiers.

Boaters, aviators and military personnel will also benefit from the important calories the SeaPack Crew delivers, which will be a source of energy boosting nutrients during an emergency survival situation.

The SeaPack Crew Boasts simplicity of operation; just secure the tether, open the zip, shake the powder down into the membrane compartment and immerse the single use pouch into seawater. Nature takes over from there, osmotically drawing fresh water through the membrane while rejecting the salt molecules.

With 68°F (20°C) water, each SeaPack Crew pouch will produce a full 17 fl.oz. (500ml) of lifesaving fluid in 10 hours.


  1. Secure tether and immerse pouch into seawater for 5 minutes to wet the membrane compartment - this will speed up the forward osmosis (FO) process.
  2. Unfold pouch. Open cap and blow a small amount of air into the pouch, then close cap. Push or shake powder down into membrane compartment. Keep the membrane pouch in the seawater. Periodic shaking speeds up the FO process.
  3. Wait at least 8 hours and no more than 24 hours. Recommended drink strength obtained in 10 hours @ 20°C (68°F) and 15 hours at 5°C (41°F).
  4. Remove pouch from water and open cap to drink. Once hydrated, you will see a small flavor packet floating in the drink. Drink very slowly, close the cap in between sips.

CAUTION: Consume drink slowly within 24 hours of placing the pouch in the water. Pouch cannot be re-used. Do not use in antifreeze. Not recommended for for use in human waste or industrial sewage.

System Specifications:
Volume: 17 fl.oz. (500 ml) per pouch
Filter Life: Three single-use pouches
User Effort: Minimal, No work required for filtering