The Secrets of Color in Hand-Hooked Rugs Book

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The Secrets of Color in Hand-Hooked Rugs Book
Your Complete Guide to Selecting and Using Color
  • Includes information on the characteristics, classification, and composition of color
  • In-depth study of color harmonies--monochromatic, complimentary, analogous
  • Learn color planning from wheel to wool Often color planning is the most intimidating part of rug hooking. How do you choose colors that compliment each other and bring the rug to life? The Secrets of Color in Hand-Hooked Rugs will take the uncertainty out of the process, as Betty Krull leads you step-by-step through the fundamental stages needed to understand and color plan a rug. The book explains everything you need to know about the classification and composition of color, including the use of color harmonies and the ins and outs of color planning. Study dozens of beautiful images to see how the use of different colors can greatly influence the final outcome of the same design. Learn to analyze colors and identify their properties. Novice as well as experienced rug hookers will love The Secrets of Color in Hand-Hooked Rugs, brought to you by Rug Hooking magazine, for its easy-to-follow format, information, and color tips. About the Author:
    Betty Krull lives in North Carolina and teaches her color course at workshops and camps throughout the country. She has developed the color course from her study of the Munsell color system, expertise as a color/design consultant, and knowledge as a traditional rug hooking artist. 64 pages, 90 color photos.
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