Shooting Sporting Clays Book

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  • Foreword by Anthony I. Matarese Jr., 14-time NSCA All-American
  • 15 basic target types and strategies for breaking them
  • Gun swing and speed for the 3 main swing types: swing-through, sustained lead, and pull-away
  • How to choose a pump gun, autoloader, side-by-side, or over-and-under, and check weight, balance, and fit
  • Correct stance for the target speed and trajectory
  • Understanding lead
  • How to fix common mistakes, including lifting your head and stopping or slowing the gun as you shoot
  • Practicing on skeet and 5-stand courses and preparing for competition By authors: Mark Brannon, Tom Hanrahan
    Dimensions: 6" x 9"
    Pages: 176
    Illustrations: 92 color photos; 8 b/w photos
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