Sight Fishing for Trout Book

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Sight-fishing expert Landon Mayer teaches you what you need to know to spot the trout before you cast-because if you can see a trout, you are more likely to catch that trout. In this comprehensive book on the tricks and skills anglers need to master, Mayer reveals his knowledge of trout and trout water, learned through years of fishing and guiding on prime trout waters. Hunting for large trout with lightweight fishing equipment is what Landon does best. With detailed instructions on how to cast into tricky spots, how to present the fly whatever the conditions, and how to read the rise, he gives you the extra edge to find and catch more and larger fish. He tells you where to look for the trout, how to rig your line, how to retrieve the fish when you get a strike, and how to use the buddy system for a more productive day on the water. Sight fishing is intriguing, fun, addictive, and best of all, it gets results-more and bigger trout. About the Author:
Landon Mayer is a fly-fishing guide in Colorado Springs and calls the South Platte River his home water. He has been guiding on these waters for the past ten years and is a certified casting instruct or through the FFF. He is author of How to Catch the Biggest Trout of Your Life and the DVDs Landing the Trout of Your Life and Weapons of Bass Production. A contributing writer to High Country Angler Magazine and Fly Fisherman, Landon has been featured in major publications such as American Angler and Fish and Fly. Review:
"Developing the eye of the hunter is key to successful trout spotting. . . . Even nonhunters can become superb fishers through training, if they have enough drive to learn the elements of eye-search and recognition as explained by Landon Mayer." -John Randolph, Fly Fisherman "Landon has a beyond unbelievable, osprey-like ability to see fish in the water, and then to position himself perfectly to present the flies most effectively." -John Barr "Not only is Landon Mayer a master at sighting fish, he has an uncommon knack for helping others learn to do it." -Charlie Meyers, Denver Post 208 pages, 235 color photos