Smoking Food, A Beginner's Guide Book

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In Smoking Food you will learn that smoking is an art, not a science. Chris Dubbs and Dave Heberle fearlessly reveal that art's essentials?and how simple they can be. They explain how to choose the best fuels (you can use corncobs!), how to build smokers from old refrigerators and cardboard boxes, and, of course, how to smoke everything from turkeys to turtles. Their advice is ingenious and cost-conscious. Aware of the needs and wants of the modern cook, they include low-sodium preparations, alternatives to preservatives like sodium nitrite, and thoughts on safely handling meat. With more than one hundred recipes and tips for making brines, marinades, cheeses, appetizers, soups, and main dishes, Smoking Food is an invaluable resource for the home smoker. Chris Dubbs & Dave Heberle, 185 pages